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September 2020
Walnut Montessori Academy
Welcome back!
We ended our summer camp on a high note last month, with many memories to carry us over to the next
school year. The children had fun with dress-up days, water day activities, and afternoons preparing tasty
and creative snacks.
We are off to a great start with the amazing first few weeks of school under our belt where we welcomed
back our students both online and in person. The children have shown great interest and joy in learning
new things and in being with their teachers and friends.
We are excited to learn that Los Angeles County’s rate of coronavirus cases has dropped below the state’s
threshold, allowing our local government to consider schools reopening. We are anticipating the return to
normalcy, while the key virus metrics such as hospitalizations, positivity rate among those tested, and
demand for hospital beds indicate a downward trend. However, as we continue our path of recovery
from the pandemic, we are persistently cautious in our daily operations by strictly implementing
the government guidelines on hygiene, sanitation, social distancing, screening, and wearing of
appropriate masks.
Dates to Remember:
Back to School Zoom Session
Thank you for taking the time to attend the informative
*September 7: Labor Day
virtual sessions. It was great to have our parents come
together, even remotely. We hope it was a great
opportunity for you to meet our teachers and learn more
*September 13:
about your child’s academic program and day-to-day
Grandparents Day
September 7 - Labor Day
September 13 - Annual Grandparents’ Day
The school will be closed on Monday, September
Grandparents give unconditional love, wisdom, and emotional
7th in observance of Labor Day. Our students will
security to their families. Our students will be celebrating the
pay tribute to the American workforce for their
unique relationship they have with their grandparents with an
social and economic contributions in making our
incredibly special memento made with lots of love.
country prosperous and strong. Have a safe and
happy Labor Day!
Walnut Montessori Preschool Academy — 3457 South Nogales Street, West Covina, CA 91792
T: (626) 965-9060 — H: 7:00 A.M. - 6:30 P.M.
Uniform Donations
School Reopening in L.A. County
Yes, the children do grow up quickly! We
As the outbreak slows down
encourage you to continue donating your
in the Los Angeles county,
gently used uniforms to us as extra
school and health officials
uniforms are kept on hand for students
are moving cautiously in
who may need them. Further, please drop
easing restrictions and
by the office if you wish to pick up a
reopening schools. We are
uniform for your child. Kindly remember that uniforms
hopeful that with the new
are mandatory for the children who attend our school.
normal where infection-
control practices are part of
Optimism Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic
our day-to-day school operations, the transmission rates
among our families and community will continue to
It is particularly important to acknowledge the positive
developments in the control of the COVID-19 thus far,
COVID-19 Saliva Test
and we have many. Possible treatments such as cloned
antibodies are becoming effective in treating the virus.
The U. S. Food and Drug Administration is working on
The rapid, low-cost saliva test for Covid-19 could be a
a saliva-based diagnostic test for COVID-19 that will
game-changer in mass testing. Communities are more
cost less than $5.00. If the spit test is widely adopted, it
aware of the importance of wearing a mask. Safer
can help expedite the COVID-19 testing process. If
building strategies such as using higher ventilation,
approved, the alternative testing will help us navigate
better filtration, and air-cleaning devices may help
through the pandemic more effectively even before a
mitigate the airborne spread. Past exposure to common-
vaccine is approved. However, it is not a rapid, at-home
cold viruses may help protect some people from
test that many have suggested using daily to control the
COVID-19 infection. Successful vaccine trials may lead
drug makers to deliver the vaccine expeditiously. We are
jubilant and proud of the above progress in controlling
The Development of the Coronavirus Vaccine
the spread of disease during the current pandemic.
There is a worldwide effort to find
We are also thrilled to learn that the spread of the
a v a c c i n e f o r C O V I D - 1 9 .
coronavirus is slowing in Los Angeles County, mainly
Typically, vaccine development
due to strict compliance of health orders and widespread
takes years and unfolds step by
step. However, Russia has already
announced that it will begin using
Influenza Vaccinations
the vaccine in people at high risk
even before Phase
3 trials, and
We strongly recommend all our students
China has authorized a vaccine to be used in members of
over the age of six months receive the
the military. The United States has set the goal of having a
influenza vaccination this year.
vaccine by late fall or early winter.
Preventing influenza’s spread amid the
COVID-19 pandemic is crucial in
mitigating the burden on our families who are already
overwhelmed by COVID-19. The flu and COVID-19
share many symptoms such as fever, chills, cough, sore
throat, muscle or body aches, headaches, and fatigue.
September is an ideal month to be vaccinated to achieve
immunity throughout the flu season. It typically takes
two weeks after the flu shot for the recipients to gain full
Walnut Montessori Preschool Academy — 3457 South Nogales Street, West Covina, CA 91792
T: (626) 965-9060 — H: 7:00 A.M. - 6:30 P.M.
Infants sleeping on Back vs. Stomach and SIDS
Recalled Infant Sleepers (Rocking Sleepers)
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
(SIDS) occurs typically
The U.S. Consumer Product
when infants younger
Safety Commission has
than one year suddenly
issued a safety recall on
and unexpectedly die
certain sleepers due to the
while sleeping. While
infant fatalities that have
SIDS cannot be
occurred as a result of
prevented or predicted,
infants rolling from their
there are many ways we
backs to their stomachs or
can help reduce the risk
sides while asleep. We
of sleep-related infant
encourage all our parents
deaths. Infants who sleep on their backs can clear the
with infants to look into the infant sleeper recalls
amount of carbon dioxide in their lungs.
ensuring their sleepers at home are safe for their
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Walnut Montessori Preschool Academy — 3457 South Nogales Street, West Covina, CA 91792
T: (626) 965-9060 — H: 7:00 A.M. - 6:30 P.M.

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