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October 2020
Walnut Montessori Academy
Dates to Remember:
~Hello Fall~
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Day — October 21
We have just completed another great month of school! Our students are
Annual Pumpkin
pleased to return to school, and they have adjusted to the new procedures
Painting Week
we have undertaken. The progress of returning students thus far has been
October 26-29
remarkable. We have a busy academic schedule for this month and will be
Halloween Parade
exploring the spirit of autumn through fall colors, pumpkins, and
October 30
Halloween related activities. A big ‘thank you’ to all our families who
Daylight Saving Time
support us in our every effort. We look forward to a productive October!
Ends — November 1 at 2
We are also happy to learn about the recent drops in COVID-19 cases and
hospitalizations in California. The continuous support and cooperation
from our community has tremendously helped us in our efforts to provide
a safe environment for everyone.
Annual Pumpkin Painting Week | Oct. 26-29
Picture Day | October 21
We will celebrate the special Halloween Town Photo will photograph our students
tradition of painting pumpkins with in-class on October 21. They offer a variety of
pumpkin painting sessions the whole week portrait packages for your selection.
of October 26-29. Kindly send a pumpkin of Students must come in their uniforms for
the photo session.
your child’s choice (labeled) to school no
later than October 23.
Virtual Annual Halloween Parade | October 30
Uniform Donations
Please join us for a safe and socially distant Halloween. To avoid large gatherings
Yes, the children
that can contribute to the spread of the coronavirus, we will
do grow up
have a virtual celebration of the spooky holiday this year.
• Children may come in Halloween costumes on the 30th.
encourage you to
Children must bring a set of uniforms to change into after
continue donating
your gently used
• Children are required to wear masks (meant for COVID-19 contagion
prevention) with the costumes. We request that children do not wear character
uniforms to us as
extra uniforms
• In adherence to existing COVID-19 protocols, we will not be able to
accommodate parents and guests during the parade.
are kept on hand for students who may
need them. Further, please drop by the
• We will take a video of each class during the parade and share the videos
on Facebook and Instagram.
office if you wish to pick up a uniform
for your child. Kindly remember that
• Each student may donate a bag of individually wrapped candies to be shared
with the class. Individual goody bags are encouraged.
uniforms are mandatory for the
children who attend our school.
• The school will provide a basket for trick or treating for each child.
Walnut Montessori Preschool Academy — 3457 South Nogales Street, West Covina, CA 91792
T: (626) 965-9060 — H: 7:00 A.M. - 6:30 P.M.
Colder Weather
Flu Season
Do not let the hot weather lately fool
Flu season is here! If your child has a
you. The days cool off quite quickly
fever, sore throat, diarrhea, vomiting,
once the sun starts to set. Please send
and/or congested cough, he/she must
a jacket or sweater with your child
stay at home. Your child must be free
each morning.
The French Toast
from the above symptoms for at least
website offers a variety of uniform
24 hours before returning to school.
options for the cooler weather.
Children younger than 5 years of age,
especially those younger than 2 years old, are at high
COVID-19 and the Flu
risk of serious flu-related complications. A flu vaccine
offers the best defense against getting flu illnesses which
Influenza, commonly known as the flu, and COVID-19 are
lead to missed school days.
both contagious illnesses. As influenza season is
approaching, we must understand the difference between
flu and COVID-19 symptoms. The two illnesses share
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many symptoms and a test is needed to confirm diagnosis
of COVID-19.
We are constantly updating
Similar Symptoms of COVID-19 and the Flu:
our page with the activities
of your children to keep our
Fever, feeling feverish and/or chills
parents connected. Follow us
on Facebook at
Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
Montessori Academy” to see
Fatigue (tiredness)
the exciting academic and
co-curricular activities at our
Sore throat
school. Indeed, the school is always a beehive of
Runny or stuffy nose
Muscle pain or body aches
Daylight Saving Time Ends | Nov. 1
Some people may have vomiting and diarrhea,
As we get further into fall, the days are
although this is more common in adults.
becoming shorter. Daylight Saving Time
More information can be found at
ends on Sunday, November 1 and clocks
will go backwards
1 hour at
2:00 a.m.
2 through 3 Months
1 Polio
1 DTaP
1 Hep B
1 Hib
Are your children up to date
with their immunizations?
4 through 5 Months
2 Polio
2 DTaP
2 Hep B
2 Hib
Please see the graphic on the
6 through 14 Months
2 Polio
3 DTaP
2 Hep B
2 Hib
left for the immunizations
that are required according
15 through 17 Months
3 Polio
3 DTaP
2 Hep B
to age and grade level.
On or after 1st birthday:
1 Hib*
18 months through 5
3 Polio
4 DTaP
3 Hep B
1 Varicella
On or after 1st birthday:
1 Hib*
TK-12 years
4 Polio 5 DTaP 3 Hep B
2 Varicella
Walnut Montessori Preschool Academy — 3457 South Nogales Street, West Covina, CA 91792
T: (626) 965-9060 — H: 7:00 A.M. - 6:30 P.M.

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