Know Here The Frequently Asked Questions Of The Parents Before The Admission To Montessori School

“The universe is an imposing reality and an answer to all questions. We shall walk together on this path of life, for all things are part of the universe and are connected with each other to form one whole unity.” – Maria Montessori

The minds of the parents before they send their kids to the school for the first time are full of doubts, confusions, anxiety and many questions. It is like one of the important life decision they will make for their children. It is the Montessori in La Puente, CA that will build the cornerstone of your kids’ future.

It is very common and relatable that every parent will be concerned about the teaching method, activities, transition, development, and many other factors. We completely understand all the worries of the parents and so come up with the answers of all the frequently asked questions by anxious parents.

1. Is Montessori education expensive?
Many people are looking for the Child care in Covina, CA consider Montessori is expensive and only reserved for the wealthy, rich and elite class in the society. This is a completely wrong concept which started dated back in 1950 when not much kids attended preschool. That time, the public schools did not have kindergarten or any other special format for the first learners. The truth is that this Montessori concept is for every child in this society without the restriction of class and race.

2. Will the imagination power be restricted in Montessori?
This is another wrong concept where in reality the picture is the opposite. They can do whatever they way in the school arena. The notion of the Montessori in La Puente, CA is to encourage the children to open up their wings of imagination. Along with that, discipline is also an integral part of Montessori learning and unless the children have control over certain things, the integrity of the society will be disturbed.

3. Doesn’t Montessori guide the child to do or not to do something?
The Montessori wants every child will become independent in every sector of life. And this quality needs to imbibe into them gradually from the very tender age. Without following any order, they have to grow the sense of self-realization and the knowledge to chose right over the wrong.

4. How will my child learn social skills?
The best part of this teaching method is that it does not only focus on the academic growth of the child but also the physical, mental, emotional and social quotients as well. The children are encouraged to work and learn in a group so the sharing approach will grow in their nature. They also learn how to behave in public along with positive values like courteous, respectful and polite to others. In every Child care in Covina, CA; all the children are trained to use golden words like ‘thank you’, ‘sorry’ and greet when they meet anyone. While talking to others they know how to make proper eye contact to complete the communication.